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N/A, Malagacha Gallery, Lausanne (duo show with L'Atlas)

N/A, Constant Dschungel, Denzlingen (g)

N/A, DE BOUWPUT Gallery, Amsterdam (g)

The Ampersand Show, Known Gallery, Los Angeles (g)

Graffiti Abstract, The Private Gallery, Miami (g)

New Heavy Shit, NBB Galerie, Berlin (g)

Show Group, Luis Leu, Karlsruhe (g)


Grit between my teeth, AtelierNow, Dublin (g)

Orbits of dust, Mott Projects, Catskill (s)

Wilde Tiere, Constant Dschungel, Denzlingen (g)

Stratum, Galaxie neuer Künste, Halle/Saale (g)

Playing with fire, IDRoom Gallery, Geneva (s)


Constant Dschungel, open studio with Peter Seesemann, Denzlingen (g)

Post Vandalism, Omni Gallery, London (g)

Blaulicht, Wirdnachgereicht Studio, Basel (s)

Displacement, Contemporary Cluster Gallery, Rome (g)

Nénuphars, Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg (s)

Blurry Home, with Art Together, LaVallée, Brussels (s)

Puff Puff Paint, Shit Art Club, curated by Mott Projects, Los Angeles (g)

Le MUR Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne (s)


POST>ANDALISM, Unruly Gallery, HetHem, Amsterdam (g)

no sudden move, Pop Up Exhibition with Adrian Falkner and Peter Seesemann, Freiburg i. Br. (g)

Never Ending Storys, Irrgang Gallery, Leipzig (g)

Thin Mental Tremors, Art of Tomorrow, Tel Aviv (g)


Way out, La Grange Gallery, Cernay Lès Reims (g)

Artetceteraetcetera, Online exhibition, WHEN NET BECOMES FORM PART II (g)


Winter group Show, Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg (g)


Frutti Tutti, Farbenladen, Munich (g)

Summer group show, Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg (g)


Artist needs residence, CoMA - Container of Modern Art, Munich (s)


In good company 2.0., Oxymoron Gallery, Vienna (g)


Artlab Munich, Benjamin Eck Gallery, Munich (g)

In good company, Lumina Gallery, Vienna (g)

True love doesn't come easy, CoMA - Container of Modern Art, Munich (s)

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